Building Lean Muscle In A Few Easy Workouts


Everyone has a different objective when they workout, for some men working out is a means to a healthier body, to others it is a way of getting jacked up beyond belief, and to others working out is simply the way of achieving a healthy and trim body.

If you fall into the last category and would love to sculpt your body by building lean muscle, then I will provide you with some workouts that will help you build the lean muscles in your body.

So get ready for an informative workout article.

Lean Muscle Workouts

Below I will give you different sets of lean muscle workouts, which are focused on sculpting your body and defining your muscles.

Workout #1

This workout is also referred to as Brad Pitt’s Fight Club workout, as it aims to emulate the lean body he had as Tyler Durden in the classic film. As you will see below, the workout focuses on different muscle groups each day, and executes a high number of repetitions.

  1. Monday is Chest day

The exercises include 25 pushups, bench presses, incline chest presses, and machine or cable flys.

You should execute 3 sets of each exercise, with 15 repetitions for each. Rest for 60 seconds between each exercise, and make sure your form is correct so that you are dog tired by the 15th rep. If you have no problem doing the 15 reps, make sure you dial up the intensity for your not set.

  1. Tuesday is Back day

The exercises include pull ups, seated rows, lat pull downs and T-bar rows.

Warm up with the pull-ups, and do 5 pull ups with 3 sets using a resistance machine. Transition into the other exercises doing 15 reps and 3 sets for each, and you will find the V-shape of your neck becoming defined as you go on with this exercise.

  1. Wednesday is Shoulders day

The exercises include military shoulder presses, Arnold presses, lateral dumbbell raises, and front dumbbell raises.

In order to add bulk to your shoulders, do 15 reps and 3 sets of the exercises given above. At the end of the day your front, lateral and rear deltoids should be put to the test.

  1. Thursday is Biceps and Triceps day

The exercises include a curl machine, E-Z cable curls, hammer curls, and triceps pushdowns.

Like with all the exercises in this workout, you should perform 15 reps and 3 sets of each. Additionally, you can add resistance via a Nautilus machine in order to promote the building of lean biceps and triceps.

  1. Friday is Treadmill Cardio day

The recommended treadmill cardio intensity is 45 minutes at a maximum heart rate of between 65% and 75%.

The purpose of a treadmill cardio day is to trim down your body fat so that you attain a more chiseled body. Treadmill cardio is beneficial to the appearance of your arms, shoulders and back.

  1. Saturday and Sunday is Rest day

Rest is essential when building lean muscle, as it helps to repair damaged muscles and create greater muscle resistance. Avoiding rest will only lead to you burning muscle, so ensure that you take these two days seriously.

If you feel like the advised 3 sets and 15 reps is not sufficient, then you can increase the intensity of your workout by following a 30 minute circuit training schedule. During these 30 minutes you should do as many reps as you can possibly accomplish, while maintain good form and taking no rest.

Workout #2

This second workout is less of a schedule like the one above, and more of an overall lean muscle building tip.

You should switch out cardio for circuits and weights. You might be wondering why this tip makes sense, after all Brad Pitt’s Fight Club includes a day of treadmill cardio. The answer is simple; cardio works towards burning calories and not building muscle. That is why it is used in the Fight Club workout in conjunction with other muscle building workouts.

Weight training and circuit training on the other hand stimulate muscle growth, and promotes your lean muscle endeavors. You should therefore aim to perform weight training 3 days a week, and circuit training once a week.

If you still want to perform cardio routines, incorporate a 20-minute fast and slow cardio interval workout once a week.

Workout #3

An alternative lean muscle workout takes place using a few easy tips.

TIP 1: Lift weights for 30 minutes 3 days a week, while taking care to maintain proper form so that the correct muscle fibers are targeted. You can utilize free weights, machines, TRX bands and weight lifting classes during this time, and you can also opt to combine these different weight lifting methods to create the ultimate routine.

TIP 2: Make sure to skip a day between each weight lifting workout session, so that your body has time to rest and recuperate. On the days you are not in the weight room, you can perform cardio to get rid of any excess fat.

TIP 3: Muscle fatigue should be your aim when you are weight lifting, and in order to do this you should plan your exercises ahead of time. If you would like an endurance routine, 15 reps and 3 sets of a lower weight will be adequate. However, if you are looking for a speed routine, then go with 6 to 8 reps and 3 sets with a heavier weight to build lean muscle.

TIP 4: You can also choose to perform 1 repetition every 2 seconds, as this is more effective than 1 repetition every 4 seconds.

TIP 5: Rest for 60 seconds between each set, as short rest times promote lean muscle building.

TIP 6: Drink water every 30 minutes as you exercise, as hydrated muscles perform better and deliver better workout results.

TIP 7: The best exercises for building lean muscles are compound exercises, which provide a full body workout. These exercises work out several muscles at once, and require more than a single movement. Great compound exercises include pushups, TRX bands, weight lifting on tip toes, burpees, and kettle ball workouts.

With the 3 workout options provided above, you now have a wide range of lean muscle workouts on which you can base your final decision. Each of these workouts is effective and efficient, and will push you towards achieving your lean muscle gains.

So get off the couch and begin your workout today!

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