My Opinion & Review of the 21 Day Fix


The 21 day fix weight loss program is exceptionally popular, and I know that you have read up on everything from its portion control plan to its workouts. The question now is whether the program works. Can you really shed your excess weight with 21 day fix? Or is 21 day fix an over-hyped program?
Below I will answer these questions and more, by providing reviews on every aspect of 21 day fix from people who have actually taken part in the program (these reviewers have been verified).



21 Day Fix Review and Recommendations

1. Does the portion control work?

” The containers do look small when you first get them but once you start using the containers you realize that it adds up to a lot of food during day (you won’t be hungry). This program is great for anyone who wants to take all the guess work out of putting together a weight loss routine.” Monica

2. Are the workouts efficient?

” I am 1 week in and down 5 lbs. Started at 5’4 190 lbs… Love the videos..I have been doing the modified version of the videos with the lower level intensity person on the video.” Elizabeth

” I love this program. The workouts are challenging, but doable!!! My measurements on day 21 were 12 inches total lost!” Andrea Fields

” I’m on my second round of 21 day fix, and I am really happy with my 12 pound loss in the first round. The workouts are tough, but I like a challenge.” Jen

3. Is the program easy to follow?

” This system is extremely efficient if you follow it.” Chengiz

” Love the containers, & the nutritional plan is pretty easy to follow. The workouts are somewhat difficult for an out-of-shape gal with bad knees like me, but I follow the modifications the best I can and I will say it works.” Diane Marzec

4. Is the quality of the DVD poor?

” I would give it “no stars” if I could….ONLY because the DVDs don’t work. They freeze, stop, skip, and sometimes just don’t play at all. Extremely disappointed. Who ever is producing the DVDs should be ashamed of themselves for having such a poor quality made product.” Kmarie

5. Do you lose weight with the program?

” A common sense eating plan along with 30 minute daily work outs on two DVD’s equals a no fail way to lose weight. I’m starting week two and can already see a difference. The idea is that after three weeks, new eating and exercising habits will be formed that you can then use going forward. There are no gimmicks or trendy fads. Just good eating and exercise.” Afton Nelson

” This program helped me lose 6 pounds within the first month…However, then I did a second round of this program, and I could only lose 2 pounds for 3 weeks” Natalia I. Rubstova

” My results from only 3 weeks of doing them and the meal plan have been such a HUGE difference from what little I saw by going to the gym 4 to 5 days a week.” Jessica Crater

” It did not work for me….one bit….the DVD’s have a lot of commercials to entice you to buy their products….didn’t like that part of it. The exercises are OK buy not for the price I paid…..overprice item…beware.” Monica Cardenas

” Love it. On round 3 and 30 pounds down.” Amy Von D


These reviews should offer you an all encompassing view of what 21 day fix holds for you. Now that you know what to expect when you purchase 21 day fix, you can make your final decision on whether or not you want to start this program. Good luck to you!

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